#CelebrityLookAlike: Meet ladies who thought they were taken pics with real rapper Drake

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SOCIAL MEDIA | #CelebrityLookAlike: Meet ladies who thought they were taken pictures with the real rapper Drake. To be honest, we all have met one or more celebrity look alikes out there.

In an epic retweet that has since gone viral across the web, Twitter user @BlominiRicann tweeted: “Me and my girl met Drake last night 😍😫”

And user @champagnepapi retweeted saying “LMAO B*itch that ain’t Drake”. The tweet has been retweeted more than 6,000 times and more than 5k faves.

Drake Celebrity Look Alike
Drake Celebrity Look Alike Pic

But what do you think, is he a perfect look-alike of drizzy Drake or not?

Let us know of any celebrity look-alikes you have ever met, and feel free to send in your #celebritylookalike pics on our Facebook Page.

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