Blac Chyna claims chick in new leaked sex tape is not her – TMZ Exclusive

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Blac Chyna have come out to say the new leaked sex tape floating around featuring a woman who’s the spitting image of her is a cheap knockoff and not her.

Blac Chyna sex tape leak
Blac Chyna sex tape leak

A new TMZ Exclusive report details how the 13-minute video surfaced online just a day after Chyna’s oral sex tape with her Ex, rapper Mechie, got leaked.

The new video shows a woman with Chyna’s skin tone, body type, and hairstyle engaging in sexual intercourse with an African-American man. The woman has several tattoos on her body, just like Chyna.

The video first popped up on Twitter, but has since gone viral and spread to popular porn sites who are passing it off as her.

Blac Chyna gif
Blac Chyna

Sources close to Chyna admittedly said the woman in the footage does have significant similarities to the reality star, but it is absolutely NOT her.

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna’s legal team has filed more than 20 cease and desist letters to the porn sites that are hawking the video using Chyna’s name. Her lawyers also sent the letters to porn sites showing her oral sex tape with Mechie.

Blac Chyna sex tape
Blac Chyna sex tape news

It is worth noting that, Chyna claimed she was a victim of revenge porn last year when Rob Kardashian posted nude pics of her. Despite the fact she “liked” those images on Instagram, she had threatened to sue him.

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